get involved

Getting Involved in Services

 If you are interested in becoming a certified domestic violence advocate, 
please contact AACI, Community Solutions, Maitri, Next Door Solutions, 
or YWCA/Support Network to find out about their 40 hour trainings and volunteer opportunities. 

DVIC has limited space available for MSW students seeking internships. 
If you are an IMF or an ASW we also have limited space available for licensing hours. 
For more information about internships or licensing hours through DVIC, 
please contact Nancy Marshall, MFT (

Volunteers and Advisory Board Members:

Provide additional expertise and support to programs currently supported by DVIC; 
Connect DVIC with funders, community organizers and experts in the field;
Look for new opportunities for DVIC to help fulfill goals the mission statement;
Provide and support fundraising activities (events, grants, letter campaigns and etc.).

 Please feel free to call or write if you have any questions or would like to know more about our organization and services.